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It’s Alive!

Three bean sprouts are emerging from the soil and some of the salad greens are starting to sprout as well! It’s amazing how exciting the small things can be. Growing your own food is more rewarding than many people probably realize.

Weather in the 80’s after a cooler break.


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Getting Full Now…

The garden is very happy today due to the rain and thunder last night! The corn is really going crazy now. We got a lot done: weeded lower garden, hilled up potatoes, and planted pumpkins, kale, endive, lettuce, spinach, chard, carrots and baby bok choy. All the boxes are now planted and the lower garden in full in addition to the squash mounds at the edge of the yard. Mom mowed down some weeds and tall grasses that were getting out of control and put the last of the manure on the flower beds in front of the house. We got a nice break from hoeing weeds in the lower garden when Kerry and Beau stopped by for a visit.

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Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit

Today we planted an 8-foot box with three rows of bush beans and I put my special bean in a 4-foot box with some teddy bear sunflowers, larkspur, marigolds and mini gladiolas. More on My Special Bean later. The last 8 tomato plants finally made it back into their box after the Soil Disaster as well. Thunder showers!

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The Internet is for Corn

All of the corn came up! It is about an inch high and growing fast.

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