This is no time to plant..

One year ago on February 28, Anna and I planted two rows of onions. On March 2 we planted raised beds with romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, fava beans, parsnips, and mache. We covered them with wire mesh and plastic. By April 1, we had 3″ high lettuce and spinach. All seeds had germinated and were doing nicely. We prided ourselves on our super early crops and were enjoying them on our table 6 weeks before the same crops began showing up at our farmers’ market.

If you look carefully, you will see the garden beds covered with snow. This year’s early spring planting won’t happen for at least another month, despite the fact that my garden seeds are organized and ready to go! There’s nothing like gardening to keep you in touch with the seasonal fluctuations.



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    Emma said,

    I was thinking it has almost been a year since you began your locovore diet,are you going for another year? Did your food storage see you thru the winter?Were there things you canned or dried a lot of that you didnt use or things that you would have liked to have put up more of?

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    Angela said,

    I can’t believe our locavore project will end this May 21st! We’ll probably keep doing a lot of what we’ve been doing during this project. I will definitely keep making yogurt because it is so easy and so good! I’m sure we won’t be as strict though. We’ll probably buy butter, since we haven’t found a consistent source of local cream. So far, the food we put up for winter is lasting. We are about to run out of carrots and corn, so next year we may plant more of those. We probably didn’t need as much chard, fava beans, and gooseberries as we have… oh well!

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