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Dried beans from our garden.

Aren’t these lovely? Bolitas, left on the vine last fall to dry. Be sure to bring ’em in before the weather turns wet, otherwise they’ll mold. It’s a thrill for me to have dried this crop. I’ve never done it before. The labor-intensive part is shelling them once they’re dry. Kind of fun, but it takes some time. Jim and I sat around visiting while shelling. Nothing wrong with that!

I also dried these black beans. There’s some black bean chili in the works right now! The Bolitas are delicious in soups. We use the black beans in enchiladas, chili, soups, and salad, too. Our supply is holding out so far. We’ve found a source for several kinds of dried beans in the Tri Cities area, although they’re not organic.


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Cat food and toilet paper..

As of last October, we’ve been on our own. This was a somewhat frightening prospect throughout the summer and fall months, as we were desperately putting up food storage in anticipation of that reality. Turns out we prepared very well. We have been enjoying the most delicious foods we’ve ever had, and there is plenty of it; wonderful beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish (salmon & steelhead, fresh, frozen, smoked, canned), a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and grains, eggs, cheeses and nuts, all of the highest quality and nutritional value. But it still gives me a strange feeling to walk into a supermarket where the only things I can buy are cat food and toilet paper!

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This is no time to plant..

One year ago on February 28, Anna and I planted two rows of onions. On March 2 we planted raised beds with romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, fava beans, parsnips, and mache. We covered them with wire mesh and plastic. By April 1, we had 3″ high lettuce and spinach. All seeds had germinated and were doing nicely. We prided ourselves on our super early crops and were enjoying them on our table 6 weeks before the same crops began showing up at our farmers’ market.

If you look carefully, you will see the garden beds covered with snow. This year’s early spring planting won’t happen for at least another month, despite the fact that my garden seeds are organized and ready to go! There’s nothing like gardening to keep you in touch with the seasonal fluctuations.


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Fresh bread every morning the easy way!

We’ve continued using the bread-making technique described in “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day”, and it really does give us quick, beautiful and delicious bread with very little time spent. Since the making of our bread is primarily my responsibility, I am especially happy to know about about this!

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House of Omelettes mosaic!

Auntie Ann has outdone herself this time. She has created this incredible mosaic for the hen house door. I think it’s too beautiful to be outside. I like it on my living room wall! What do you think?

She has used materials especially for outside use. What a work of art! Thanks, Seester!!!

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Snow storm!

We had a major snow fall a few days ago. Trees were bending to the ground under the weight of it. We spent hours shaking the snow off, trying to prevent breakage.

The chicken pen was buried in white and the House of Omelettes completely hidden from view!

It took several hours for the four of us to dig it out. I was worried about the little hens.

But eventually we got things functional again. The hens were fine.  In fact, true to their nature, they loved the excitement! There will be some repairs to the pen come spring, tho.



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Chicken Update

The chickens and Jan are doing great!

The House of Omelettes is a busy place every day.

Through the cold season we’ve collected an average of a dozen eggs per day; sometimes as many as 17! And, boy are they good!

It’s nice to have someone so eager to see me!(maybe a little too eager…)

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