A week in the life of a locavore (2/21/11-2/27/11)

I thought it might be fun to let you all know what a typical week is like for a locavore this time of year. For one week I kept track of all the food and beverages I ingested and I also recorded some locavore related activities. The “week in the life of a locavore” began on Monday, February 21st and ended on Sunday, February 27th. Each day in the locavore week appears as a separate post here on the blog in chronological order starting with the most recent date and going back in time from there. As you will see I had a pretty social week so I ate out quite a bit, which is not always the case, but highlights the fact that we are not exactly purists when it comes to locavoring (see the “about us” section of our blog for more details). All the ingredients used in our homemade meals were local (within 200 driving miles of our house) unless otherwise noted or unless the item is on our list of exceptions (see the “about us” section of the blog for more details). I also tried to indicate the ingredients that were from our own garden by using the word “our” so you have an idea of how much we were able to grow ourselves.


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