Who’s Who

Who are the Loco Locavores?

Jan Roberts grew up on a farm on the rolling hills of the Palouse and returned here to raise her family and start a career. After working as a massage therapist, Jan owned and operated a massage therapy school  in Moscow, Idaho for 15 years. Now retired, she especially enjoys playing piano, getting outdoors and spoiling her five adorable grandchildren! Jan’s extensive farm and gardening experience make her the Locovores’ ultimate Head Gardener and Chicken Care-Taker.

Jim Roberts, a California-born musician, came to the Pacific Northwest for love (see above). Jim has a particular affinity for botany, astronomy and rock’n’roll music. Between locavoring, you can find him teaching guitar students and playing in the popular local band, The Senders. Jim serves as the Locovores’ Lead Carpenter, Weeding Coordinator and of course, Family Band Director.

Angela Roberts left her job at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff to take a meaningful gap year before going to grad school. She delights in learning about foreign cultures and has lived, studied and traveled abroad. Some of her favorite pastimes include speaking Spanish, dancing and outdoor activities. Angela enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with delicious new concoctions, so it’s only fitting that she is the Locovores’ Kitchen Manager and Herbs Specialist.

Anna RobertsAnna Roberts is a freelance writer educated at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.  She loves music, playing bass and guitar, and traveling. Anna is fond of the finer things in life and operates as Head Beekeeper, Cheesemaker and Brewmaster.


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  1. 1

    Daniela Penickova said,

    Greetings to Palouse from Central Europe, Czech Republic. I am Angela’s NAU colleague and friend and have just received the Locavores web page via a mutual friend Sara.
    You probably get a lot praise from people interested in your project – so I am adding one as well
    but mainly want to say – it is my biggest wish for the four of you
    to inspire lots of other people to change some of their living & eating & shopping habits and practices and begin to see our planet (and only planet) from a new, more careful and caring, angle.

    Much energy and wishes of optimal weather for your project

    and her family

    • 2

      Anna said,

      Thank you, Daniela! I hope that you are having a wonderful summer home in Czech Republic… we miss you! Maybe sometime after you get back to Flag you can come up and see our project in person?? Keep in touch.

  2. 3

    Rocio said,

    I have been following! I want to visit! 🙂

  3. 5

    Rocio said,

    Doing well just really stressed as usual, haha.
    Happy Thanksgiving guys! I bet you’ll have great food!
    That heart shaped potato was too cute.

  4. 6

    stephanie Schmitz said,

    Awesome website! Thanks for sharing all your locavore adventures.

  5. 7

    Tom Edie said,


    I am contacting you from the UK TV production company Twofour Broadcast about a programme we are working on all to do with diets for a TV channel. We are particularly interested in the profile of Locavores and as advocates of this I hoped you could help shed some light on the rise of this diet and how effective it has been for those who follow it. At this stage we are simply interested in finding contributors who would be willing to participate in principle. Please contact me using the details below.

    Tom Edie

  6. 8

    Eusebio Wadle said,

    Thx for information.

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