Spring Has Sprung!

So, yeah, it snowed the other day… but spring is on its way! I swear! I took photos as proof:

Crocuses: These early bloomers have been out for a couple of weeks already!

The trees are budding and unfortunately I am allergic to tree pollen, but I'm still glad spring is on the way!

The Grass Widow is a native iris of the Pacific Northwest and, according to the internet, is the only member of its genus in the U.S. It is one of the earliest blooming native flowers. This photo was taken on Dad's native hillside.

More crocuses!


We planted this spinach in the fall. We had a spinach salad in February, which was a treat since we don't get many fresh veggies these days.

Bunching onions that were planted in the fall: They stayed green all winter even under piles of snow!

Here come the tulips!


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    Paula said,

    Hello, Happy Spring…so I have a question regarding your onions. What kind are they? We have some volunteer WW sweets about the same size. Is this normal? When should we plan to harvest them..and should we plant onions in the Fall? We’re kinda new at this. Thanks! -Paula

  2. 2

    Anna said,

    Hi Paula! Sorry it took so long to reply. I guess no one has logged onto this blog in a very long time! Sad, I know…

    Anyway these are bunching onions that wintered over from last spring- we used them all summer and left some in the garden all year. They are like green onions, only a bit larger.

    For “regular” big onions, like the WW sweets, you would normally plant in spring and harvest them in summer or fall. Wait until the tops start to fall over, then stop watering them and harvest anytime after that.

    Happy spring to you too, although here we are over a month later and it’s like winter again! Forget spring, here’s hoping for summer!

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