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My New Pets

Ok so today I’m sitting on my deck with my laptop, writing. I hear this super loud buzzing noise and look to my left to see a massive swarm of some type of insects. Ok, maybe they will just go away. Pretty soon I notice they have moved to another part of the yard, near my beehives, and are are swarming around this little tree… so I get my dad and we take a closer look. They were honey bees!

At first I was worried that they were MY bees and they had gotten too crowded and swarmed. So I put on my bee suit and went down to check things out. It turned out that all my bees were accounted for. (No I did not count each individual bee.) But I realized, hey, there’s a swarm of free bees in my yard. So dad put on a suit, we got a cardboard box and dad held up the box while I swept the swarm of bees into it. Then we took it down to an empty bee box and dumped ’em in. Voila! New beehive.

If you or someone you know lost about 10,000 bees and you want them back, lemme know. Otherwise… finders keepers!

Bee Swarm

Aren't they cuuuuute?


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