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It’s Over… Kinda

Well, adoring fans, the loco year has come and gone! Our official stop date was May 21st – the same day that one Harold Camping predicted to be Judgement Day. Coincidence?

We had quite a year. Thank you all for reading our little blog and letting us share with you. The number one question we have been getting lately is whether we are embarking on a second locavore year! Well, it was fun and interesting, challenging and confusing… yes, even frustrating at times. But we did what we set out to do; we tried it out and we learned what’s realistic for the long term and what’s not.

Going forward, there are many things we will continue to do and some things that we just don’t want to do anymore! We’ll still get local meat and milk, grow a garden, can fruit and buy local products when we can. But we don’t want to spend another winter without fresh produce. I’ll still make cheese and Angela will still make yogurt… but no one wants to make bread. We will probably still do a lot of cooking with honey but I’m looking forward to using sugar for baking again.

I personally am gearing up for a great summer homebrewing season and spent yesterday foraging in the neighbors’ yards for dandelions and whipping up a fresh batch of dandelion wine. Today I transferred it into the fermenting jugs but I had a little extra that wouldn’t fit, so I invented possibly the best cocktail known to man by tossing in some decidedly non-local rum, grand marnier and a squeeze of lemon.

We ran out of some things this winter and spring- carrots, pears and apricots for example. We still have garlic, frozen berries, a couple of jars of peaches, a little corn and a lot more stuff in small amounts. And some things we have so much of we’ll never get rid of it, like salmon, fava beans and tomato sauce.

Ok, you’re probably wondering what we got at the grocery store on on our first non-local shopping trip. We bought butter, Sunchips, crackers, cookies, rolled oats and some hard lemonade! Dad got dates and corn chips. I picked out bananas, peanut butter, mayo, mustard, some decent sandwich bread, and cheese I didn’t have to make. Angela wanted rice milk and my mom bought a whole bunch of… vegetables!!

The nicest thing about being done with locavoring is that when we don’t have time to make things from scratch we can just go to the store instead of going without it. It takes a lot of pressure off.

Thanks again for sticking with our sporadic blogging. We may not be locavores anymore, but we’re still loco so keep checking back for our amazing tales of morel hunting, beekeeping, drinking and more.


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