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Another Ill-Timed Update From the Locos

What do you call that when your favorite blog doesn’t update for four months at a time? Annoying? No, that’s not it… Sad? Something like that. Anyway, we’re still here, we’re still loco. We’ve had a busy summer but still found time to can and freeze tomatoes, pears, apricots, peaches, sauerkraut, corn, jam, strawberries, nectarines, green beans and lots of meat. Mom made kimchi the other day. I made some blackberry honey lager this summer and hope to get around to making a batch of yarrow ale soon. Yarrow was a popular brewing ingredient in Europe before hops were popularized.

The most productive members of the loco family this summer have probably been the chickens, who just peck things and lay eggs all day long, whilst being extremely loud and probably driving the entire neighborhood nuts the entire time. This inspired me to come up with what is probably one of the better ideas of my long and illustrious idea-thinking career — the “cluck collar.” This device would be very similar to a bark collar for dogs, only it would be very small so as to fit on a chicken’s spindly neck. If any of you know of a product developer looking for genius ideas that improve lives, let me know.


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