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December Update

Snow is falling, Christmas is almost here, and the Locos are still eating! We are in good shape with lots of frozen and canned food and we are still making things with fresh apples (from Wilson Banner Ranch near Clarkston).  We had to harvest all the carrots and parsnips still in the garden because the voles and deer were wreaking havoc out there. We’ve still got bunching onions growing and next year’s kale is up. The chickens are little egg-laying machines; we’re getting 6 to 12 eggs every day. We got the hard apple cider bottled. It’s a lot different from last year’s batch but no one can decide which is better.

It’s nice to be spending less time gardening, canning, freezing, dehydrating and doing yard work and more time on some other things, finally. Unfortunately for Mom, “other things” means being down with pneumonia for 7 weeks now. We all hope she gets better soon. Angela landed 3 part time jobs within a week so she’s busy on weekdays now, and I’ve been spending a lot of time working at my writing jobs. Dad’s band “The Senders” has been booked every weekend this month so I’ve been working on my amazing dance moves in my spare time. Happy holidays!


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