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A Coop of One’s Own

Waverly brought his old chicken house over to our place and took away our old hot tub in trade. He has the most amazing forklift that he bought in order to work on the shop he is building on his farm and he was able to use that to move the chicken coop and hot tub. He and his hired man Ken brought the coop over on a truck and the forklift on another trailer. Here are a few photos of the proceedings.

This is Wave.

First, Wave got the chicken house loaded on the forklift.

Next, he drove it around to the back side of our property.

It was a little scary for the rest of us, especially because it was muddy.

It was a little scary for the rest of us, especially because it was muddy.

Then he set it down on the leveled blocks we had prepared.

We set it up so that Wave would have this shrub poking his eyeballs while he worked.

Wow, it looks like it's been there for years...

Next, he loaded up the hot tub.

They took the deck apart to get straps around the corners of the hot tub.

Then Wave drove his amazing machine down into the yard.

Then he hooked up the straps.

He lifted it out of its hole...

...and pulled it up to the driveway.

The last step was loading it onto the truck.

The entire process was quite amazing. At one point, Wave even had to set the hot tub down part way up the hill and use the arm of the forklift to push himself back up the hill because the tires were spinning out in the mud. Now we have a chicken house and as soon as we build the roosts and nesting boxes, fence it in and fix the windows we can get some chickens.


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Spinach in November

We still have some spinach growing in our garden despite sub-freezing temperatures at night! We have been throwing plastic over the beds to keep them a bit warmer and protected and amazingly enough we were able to harvest this bit of fresh spinach today, November 12th.

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The End of the Tomatoes

We used the last of the tomatoes to make 14.5 pints of sweet tomato chutney and 21 pints of dilled green tomato pickles. The green tomato pickles are something I had never tried and they are very good. They have a strong taste so you wouldn’t want to eat too much at a time. I might try putting them in a muffaletta sandwich, which I found out by inquiring at Nectar in Moscow is a sandwich commonly eaten in New Orleans that contains mainly pickled ingredients.

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