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Tomato Juice

We finally used up most of our boxes of tomatoes. We canned about 11.5 quarts of tomato juice, which should be very tasty this winter. Some of these tomatoes were huge- they are the Martian Giant variety.

Garden tomatoes


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Lowfat recipes with purèed plums

We have a giant crop from our plum trees each year. They are excellent for eating, preserving or baking. We made a plum barbeque sauce that is great on meat for something different, as well as plum jelly, preserves and a plum-sauce chocolate chip cake. Purèed plums can be substituted for oil in baking recipes to reduce the fat. Replace half of the oil or butter the recipe calls for with the plum purèe.

Plum BBQ sauce

Plum jelly

We have also seated two final raised beds in the backyard and filled the remaining beds with a our usual mixture of manure, vermiculite and peat moss. That means we have completed the beds and we are ready for planting next year!

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Bottling Day

Steve and I bottled the hard cider, which has been fermenting in the carboy for almost a month. We add a bit of sugar during the bottling process so that the liquid will carbonate over the next couple of weeks- then it will be ready to drink.

This is Steve

Here we are siphoning the cider out of the carboy and into a bucket before putting it into the bottles.

The final product

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I’m back!

Well, goodbye city lights. I had a good time in Portland but it’s good to be back at the homestead. The weather has turned bitterly cold while I was gone; It was 14 degrees last night and only 20 this morning when we headed out to Dustin’s soccer game! Brrrr!

Over the past few days we have made fig preserves, plum preserves, mozzerella cheese (sort of), tomato sauce, dehydrated oregano and started on some plum jelly.

We picked some figs from a tree where I was staying in Portland and they made a beautiful preserve:

Fig Preserves

Fig Preserves

Here are the little figs getting ready to boil.

Raw Figs

And here they are just about ready for canning.

Cooking Figs

The tomato sauce turned out pretty well too.

Tomatoes from our garden
Tomatoes from our garden

Canned Tomato Sauce

Canned Tomato Sauce

Split Tomato

And finally, here is what kitty did while we worked.

Kitty Sleeps

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