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Dirty Little Buggers…

I caught a deer red handed in the garden today, munching the leaves off an innocent squash plant. I was on the deck and it looked up and saw me… and didn’t run! The little twerp just stood there and stared at me. And went back to eating. I had Mom come out and see the gall of it and we managed to shoo it away. From now on we need to be much more vigilant about covering things up at night, although it was barely twilight in this incident.

We talked to the deer and rabbits, telling them that they could take just a couple of nibbles off the ends of rows but not to go down the rows, as per Da Jin Sun’s advice. That is how they keep the animals from ruining their crops at the hermitage. My only concern is that they only respond to instructions in Chinese but we will see.


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Today, We Make Hummus

This is our version of a delicious hummus, (VERY) loosely based on a recipe found in the very first version of Molly Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook:

2 C Chickpeas, cooked and pureed with a bit of their liquid

1/2 C Tahini

Juice of 2 lemons

1/4 tsp Salt

3-4 Strips of roasted red pepper

1 Clove of garlic

1/4 C Canola oil

Dash of paprika or cayenne

Dash of black pepper

Bring the chickpeas to a boil, reduce heat to simmer for about 1.5 hours with salt. Puree with enough of the cooking liquid to form a creamy texture. Add all ingredients and puree. Top with roasted pine nuts if desired.

*NOTE* We thought this was far too much tahini so next time we will cut the amount to 1/4 C or less.

A poor cell phone photo of the finish product

A poor cell phone photo of the finish product

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They’re Back

The parents are back from Europe! Luckily, things are in great shape. I would have hated to disappoint. Today we harvested broccoli, chard, lettuce, mesclun and endive! We thinned out the carrots and planted another row each of carrots, spinach and basil. The cabbages are forming heads now but had some cabbage moths so we sprayed them with insect soap.

The deer have nibbled on the chard and bitten the leaves off the strawberry plants so we are going to start throwing sheets over things at night to keep the deer and bunnies off. There is a very cute bunny that we see in the yard and our cat, Lucy Fur, killed a tiny baby rabbit and brought it to the door! She must have found their den.

The corn has tasseled and we were able to harvest some beautiful red potatoes about 3 inches in diameter, as well as some very lovely 6-inch zucchinis. The winter squashes are starting to form nicely.

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It’s Not Dead Yet

Well things haven’t died so I guess I’m doing alright.

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I’m On My Own

Well, the parent have jetted off to Europe for three weeks, leaving me in charge of the farming operation. (Yes, really! I’m in charge!) There is watering and some weeding to be done but at this point things are actually fairly low maintenance. The lettuce is coming in and I will have to come up with some creative ways to get rid of it, in addition to pushing it on friends and neighbors, because there is already more lettuce (and spinach) than a sane human being could ever possibly eat!!

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