Wed, Feb 23 – A week in the life of a locavore

Breakfast: Honey tea bread that Anna made last night and jasmine green tea. The tea was a gift from the people who run the Daoist Hermitage that Anna and I house-sat for in October. They brought it back to us from China! We make exceptions to our locavoring when we receive gifts from people. And we sure appreciate those gifts=)!

Lunch: I snacked on hazelnuts to keep me going until lunch. I usually keep some hazelnuts and sometimes dried fruit at work for those times I need a little energy boost. I microwaved the leftover meat/wild rice/garbanzo mixture from last night’s dinner for lunch.

Dinner: Anna made breakfast for dinner – Yay! Barley flour pancakes, sausage patties, canned peaches and plums, whey lemonade, and hard cider. The barley pancake recipe is from the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking cookbook, which I highly recommend buying! It is full of yummy recipes and good info.

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