Tues, Feb 22 – A week in the life of a locavore

Breakfast: This is my typical breakfast on a work day… I dissolve some honey in a little warm water in the bottom of my travel mug and then stir in some yogurt. This makes a nice on-the-go breakfast if you have to rush out the door in the morning. I also had a travel mug of jasmine green tea with honey.

Lunch: I snacked on hazelnuts to tide me over until lunch time. For lunch I had leftover pasta from dinner last night and birthday cake (a work colleague had a birthday).

After-work shopping trip: After work I stopped at Rosauers to buy milk and flour, but was disappointed to find that they were completely out! The milk we buy (Spokane Family Farms) is so delicious that both Rosauers and the COOP often run out. I ended up buying 1 gallon of Organic Valley’s Northwest farms milk, which is a blend of local and regional milk. We started buying all-purpose flour from Montana because we needed some variety in our baked goods. We were tired of the same old dense baked goods. We often mix the all-purpose flour with our local hard red wheat to make bread and other baked goods.

Dinner: Mom made garbanzo/wild rice/ground beef patties, which were seasoned with our dried mint and served on her homemade artisan bread rolls. We topped our burgers with our “end of the garden” pickles, homemade catsup and a yogurt sauce that had Anna’s feta cheese in it… AMAZING! We also had locavore bloody mary cocktails made from our tomato juice and Dry Fly vodka garnished with a pickled asparagus spear.

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