Thurs, Feb 24 – A week in the life of a locavore

Breakfast: Slice of honey tea bread that Anna made, hazelnuts, and orange-mint tea with honey.

Lunch: So, I brought the meat/wild rice/ garbanzo mixture from 2 nights ago and a ground pork patty from last night to work today, but just could not force myself to eat it. I don’t like eating leftovers too many days in a row and I don’t do well with legumes (I’ll leave the details out), so I went out to eat. I was so excited because the sandwich I bought had fresh veggies on it. One of my friends mentioned how strange it is that I get excited about sprouts!!! When you locavore your priorities change. I also get excited about oranges. If someone had put an orange in my stocking at Christmas I would have been very happy.

Dinner: Mom made baked potatoes with our fava beans, our carrots sautéed with our garlic, sautéed onions from Carver Farms, sprouted lentils, and a delicious white sauce that had some of Anna’s feta cheese in it. Food heaven!

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