Sun, Feb 27 – A week in the life of a locavore

Breakfast: Hot cereal with toasted hazelnuts, honey, milk, and strawberries plus a cup of orange-mint tea. I grew quite a few types of mint and other herbs this summer with tea in mind and my favorite is definitely the orange-mint. The hot cereal was made of a combination of flaked emmer and spelt (both organic). We have an attachment to our mixer that allows us to flake grains. Dad does most of the flaking around here. Just call him Mr. Flaky! We picked the strawberries in the Spokane area this summer and froze them. They have been a nice treat to have in the winter.

Lunch: Leftover beef and veggie stew from last night.

Dinner: Pork steaks (my nephew raised the pig for us) cooked with sliced purple onion and sauerkraut followed by gooseberry cobbler — sooo good! This summer we cooked up the gooseberries with honey and a little tapioca (on our list of exceptions) and froze it to enjoy during the winter.

Some of the gooseberries that we picked this summer. Thanks again to Sara for helping out!


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