Sat, Feb 26 – A week in the life of a locavore

Breakfast: 2 shirred eggs with “end of the garden” pickles (pickled mixed veggies from our garden) and toast (from our homemade artisan bread) topped with olive oil (on our list of exceptions) and salt (on our list of exceptions, plus we brought it back from our Utah family vacation last spring).

Lunch: Zucchini pancakes that Da-Jin from the Daoist Hermitage taught us to make and yogurt with canned pears and toasted hazelnuts. To make zucchini pancakes grate some zucchini, add some salt, cover and let sit 30 mins or until there is quite a bit of juice in the bottom of the bowl. Add flour (we used local soft white wheat flour) and mix. Fry in oil.

A zucchini from our garden which has been stored in the garage since summer. It is interesting how it turned yellowish on the outside and the inside. It tasted good and fresh!

Dinner: I made a hearty winter stew with a zucchini from our garden that has been stored in our garage since summer, our frozen diced tomatoes, beef broth, our carrots, green beans from Carver Farms, ground beef, our garlic, purple onion from Carver Farms, wild rice, honey, salt, and our ground sage. We topped our soup with grated gouda cheese that Anna made.

After Dinner: Anna and I went to our neighbor’s for a wine, cheese, and chocolate get-together and we brought strawberries from the Spokane area and a bottle of Anna’s dandelion wine.

Anna testing the Dandelion Wine this summer. She made this wine before our locavore year started. It is not made from completely local ingredients, but I'm pretty sure the dandelions were local =)!

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