Fri, Feb 25 – A week in the life of a locavore

Breakfast: I don’t work on Fridays so I get to have a real breakfast! I had a soft-boiled egg and toast with peach butter and a little bowl of hot cereal with milk and honey because it’s so darn good. Our artisan bread was made with hard-white wheat from Montana this time, since Rosauers was out of the all-purpose flour that we usually mix with local hard red wheat flour. The all-purpose flour was not on our original list of exceptions, but we added it (see Feb 22 for more info).

Lunch: I thawed some green beans that we picked at Carver Farms, chopped them up, and scrambled them with an egg. I topped the scramble with our homemade salsa and had toast topped with olive oil (on our list of exceptions) and salt (on our list of exceptions).

Dinner: Happy hour and appetizers with friends in Moscow.

After dinner: I made yogurt earlier today and I really can’t resist having some when it’s done incubating and before it goes into the fridge. I had it with canned plums this time.

Making yogurt is easy and way better than store-bought.

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