5 rewarding and relatively easy steps on the locavore road

Do you like the idea of being a locavore, but don’t have the time/energy/motivation to commit to it completely? Here are 5 rewarding and relatively easy steps on the locavore road that you may want to incorporate into your life:

  • Buy local food whenever possible (find grocery stores, farmers markets, and nearby farms that sell local food)   —->This also means that when it comes to fresh food you will be eating seasonally.  
  • Make yogurt and butter from local milk/cream (because it is so easy and so yummy)
  • Preserve some food (dehydrate, can, or freeze food when it is in season, so you can enjoy it all year round!)
  • Grow something edible, which could mean planting a garden or simply having a few potted plants in your windowsill (this is so rewarding and changes your relationship to food)
  • Remember, you don’t have to be a purist. Just do the best you can in your unique situation, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself a little from time to time!

Good Luck!

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    teresa baker said,

    Thank you Ang. When you put it that way it is do-able. I am so inspired by you and your family and I like the idea of immulating your locovore philosopy.

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