Limes, vodka, and Anna’s waning enthusiasm

Dead (or possibly dormant?) dwarf lime tree

You would never know that this lime tree was once a thriving plant that produced various (maybe 8-10) amazing limes for us citrus-deprived locavores. It lost most of its leaves, but the limes continued to grow and we harvested the last one around Christmas. We made some incredible limeade (with honey of course) and even mixed in some Dry Fly Vodka for a locavore cocktail. Dry Fly Distilling is located in Spokane and they produce craft-distilled vodka, gin and whiskey using only locally grown grains and botanicals. Check out their website to learn more:

So, back to the lime tree… The remaining leaves dropped off one by one until the last one drifted off a couple of weeks ago. Which reminds me of Anna’s waning enthusiasm regarding our locavore project. I think I really noticed it around Christmas when she loudly proclaimed at the kitchen table: “I’m done with locavoring!” She has repeated that phrase a time or two since then, but I have not seen her bringing contraband food into the house, so I don’t think she has caved in yet. I think we’ve all had our moments of low morale during this project, but personally, I’m still enjoying it. It helps to know we only have 3 months left!

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    Anna said,


  2. 2

    Jon Scherrer said,

    Hi Anna,

    Can you pass on this message to your Dad and Mom? I didn’t find just a ‘contact’ email address.

    Jim….I sent an email to the massage email address at gmail, but not sure you will get it in time. Kyle and I are headed over for Lionel Hampton and if you have some time to get together it would be great to see you! My cell is 206-450-7300. Take care and I hope all is well. Jon

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    Mallen Kear said,

    Hi Angela, Jan, Anna, and Jim,
    It’s been great to vicariously share your locavore experience through your blog posts. And to see the pictures of the transformation of your property into a thriving small farm has been inspiring! It’s gorgeous.
    What comes across more than anything in your blogs is the discipline, focus, determination, and absolutely tons of work that the four of you are contributing to your project. On behalf of all of us who can’t see our way to commit to the same, what are the first baby steps the rest of us could take? Since the four of you have had the actual experience of being true locavores, I’d be curious to hear your opinions regarding the most important and doable steps for us who are with you in spirit but not quite there yet in commitment.
    Your writing is so fun to read that I’m hoping we might see a joint writing project after your year has ended.

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      Angela said,

      Hi Mallen,
      Thanks for your interest in our project! I’ve done a couple presentations about our locavore project for community groups and in my presentation I talk about a few baby steps in the right direction on the locavore road that are doable for most people. I will do a blog post about that! Thanks for bringing it up!

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    Dear Locovores,

    I can completely sympathize with your citrus loss. I have struggle with growing citrus here on the Palouse, too. My experience is with Meyer lemons. From what you described, you may have overwatered. That’s what happened to my last Meyer tree. You can read all about it on my latest blog post. Sigh….

    Dona (your neighbor across the way)

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      Angela said,

      Our lime tree is almost certainly dead. Our lemon tree is still looking good, but the lemons still have not ripened… I’m starting to wonder if they ever will! I will keep you posted…

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