Happy New Year in Weasels

Another year has come and gone. Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll all join us for more loco adventures in 2011. Taking a retrospective look back at a year in blogging, it turns out that our most popular search terms of 2010 were “baby weasels” and “weasels.” Well, its not what I was expecting but what our fans want is what they get! Feast your eyes on this; it’s just for you:

Baby weasels want milk.

baby weasel

When weasels wake up on the wrong side of the bed... they're still cute.

white weasel in snow

Solemn weasel portrait in snow.

Fine, so Mom doesn’t want me starting a weasel farm. Or a weasel petting zoo. But I have a brand new idea for a brand new year… a tarsier farm.


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  1. 1

    celesta said,

    Looking at the pictures, I suggest you stick with weasels! Auntie Cel

    • 2

      Anna said,

      Aunt Celesta, maybe you could help me talk Mom into getting me a few starter weasels? My birthday is coming right up and nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a box full of carnivorous vermin!

  2. 3

    teresa baker said,

    How cute, I sure the chickens would approve…..Not!

    • 4

      Anna said,

      I don’t need approval from those feather devils. On the other hand… I do like eating eggs every day, hmmm. Too bad there’s no such thing as weasel eggs.

  3. 5

    Paula said,

    It’s time for an update…..it’s fast approaching your 1 year mark. Plus, I’m bored and need some fascinating entertainment!! Hi everybody!!

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