Meet Froggykins


I would like to introduce you to Froggykins. He (she?) was a cute frog that lived under my awesome hat. Pictures don’t do him justice. He is way cuter in person.

My awesome shade hat

My hat, which I bought in Mexico, is the ideal shade hat and apparently a great frog shelter as well. I keep my hat on the front porch on a ceramic fountain that no longer works. Everyday during the summer I would go outside and get my hat and there would be froggykins. Sometimes he would be completely under the hat and sometimes he would just be peeking out… tucked in under my hat. So cute!!! Once I picked up my hat and there were two frogs… Yes, I know, this is getting racy. Anyway, I haven’t seen froggykins lately, so I’m not sure what he is up to for the winter or whether I will see him again. I’m leaving my hat out there just in case.

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  1. 1

    Anna said,

    I love froggykins!!! ❤

  2. 2

    Emma said,

    He went to Mexico for the winter!

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