Chinese Home Style Cooking Class

 你好 [nǐ hǎo] (“Hello” in Chinese),

As you know, we’ve had a busy summer with our locavore shenanigans and have not had time to post much on our blog. One of the things I’ve been meaning to blog about is the Chinese home style cooking class we took this summer. The Genesee Valley Daoist Hermitage offers these cooking classes and we decided to sign up and expand our cooking horizons. The best thing about this style of cooking is that it makes everything (including all vegetables) taste delicious! It’s also pretty darn easy once you learn the basic principles. Here are some pictures of our cooking adventures.

Da Jin Sun chopping vegetables from the hermitage garden. There is some chopping involved in this style of cooking, but it's totally worth it.

Expertly chopped vegetables. The plate of what appears to be green beans is actually amaranth stems, which are delicious!

Amaranth leaves can be used like spinach. They taste great and are beautiful!

It is helpful to have a wok, but not necessary. You do use a fair amount of oil, but don't worry you won't gain weight because you will be consuming mostly vegetables.

Studious M-dawg, Charlotte and Da Jin Sun, and studious Anna

The final product was truly scrumptious.

I promptly went home and cooked a 10 dish meal using my newly acquired skills. I hope to get a wok sometime soon.

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