Jim’s Year Round Produce

We visited Jim, one of our favorite food sources, on his Idaho farm near Juliaetta. We picked tomatoes for canning, and got a grand tour of his impressive operation. Just when we were getting discouraged from the non-stop work, Jim inspired us again. I guess some of his high energy rubbed off on us!

Jim Maxwell is a vendor at the Moscow Farmers’ Market. This photo is taken from a back field and looks down upon his greenhouse and roadside stand. Master gardener, ambitious, visionary, he grows the tastiest, sweetest watermelon in the world!

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  1. 1

    Teresa Baker said,

    Gee, Those foothills look familiar! Grandma Baker raised her family selling her home grown produce from her truck garden just a few miles east of the Maxwell farm. Yes, the very best beefstake tomatoes and watermelon in the world. I remember the cants and potatoes. In the years before my Dad died he grew killer peppers, dried and ground them. He marketed them locally as Juliaetta Gunpowder. That little valley has a special place in my heart.

  2. 3

    Anna said,

    Jim is ripped. Why don’t we look like that yet?

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