We Can Can With Honey

We’re doing all our canning with honey this year, since obviously sugar can’t be obtained locally. It’s great for virtually everything- the only problem area seems to be jam but we’ve managed. Our friend in Portland sent us a book called “You Can Can With Honey,” which has been helpful.


Apricot jam with Grand Marnier. Is the Grand Marnier a bit of a cheat? Yes. Do we care? No, we do not care at all.

Pickled zucchini and peppers

Pears Porto! Half-pears cooked and packed in syrup with port.

We did a bunch of plain old canned pears and these things are pretty labor intensive. Dad picked all the pears... 120 lbs. I think it was, lol. We did Wave and Amy's too so we don't have to eat them all ourselves. We also made pear butter but I don't have a picture of that.

Chopped tomatoes and tomato juice- we also did ketchup, tomato sauce and salsa.

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