September Update

Dear readers, so sorry to have neglected you. Things have been crazy busy around here. I’m posting some pictures from the last month or two so you can get the locavore fix I know you all so desperately crave.

First off, we grew an evil pepper this year. By accident, of course.


Strawberries: froze, dehydrated and made jam


Cauliflower did okay this year.

Good year for garlic as well.

Coriander (cilantro). These little puppies were not real fun to harvest but Aunt Celesta came through for us!

Rhubarb cobbler, probably one of my favorite things on the planet. Right up there with worn out jeans and pencil erasers.

Our friend and neighbor Ann loaned us a great book called "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day." You just make a big batch of this spongy dough, leave it in the fridge, and pull out a chunk and bake it whenever you want. If it sounds awesome, that's because it is.

We have several of these little melons and they have grown some since this photo. Hope they get ripe.

This watermelon has grown as well. Looking pretty good.

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  1. 1

    Paula said,

    Your guys are incredible!! You show be filming for a reality show expose. Love Anna’s commentaries along with the photos. Looks like a good time for everyone. Got any good ideas for green tomatoes? Recipe? Uses? etc? Hope yer all doing good! Luv yas…Paula

  2. 2

    Paula said,

    Do you have any recipes for green tomatoes? How about jalepenos…thot about pickling them..whaddaya think?

    • 3

      Anna said,

      Hey Paula! I think you’re on to something with the reality show. Sort of a Jersey Shore of the Inland Pacific Northwest? We pickled green tomatoes last year, but they were so strong that we barely ate any of them and ended up actually throwing a bunch out because they were so hard to use up. But perhaps a different recipe would have worked out better?

      We pickled some peppers this year although they weren’t jalepenos; they were something a bit milder… only we haven’t tried them yet so I’m not sure how they are! I think dehydrating is a really good way to go with any peppers because you can either powder them or reconstitute them later for cooking.

      Last weekend’s Moscow-Pullman Daily News (Oct. 16 & 17) actually featured an article by MaryJane Butters about green tomatoes! She talked about fried green tomatoes, a beef casserole with green tomatoes, seasoned green tomato chips and something called chow-chow that she calls a relish but you make it sort of like kim-chi or sauerkraut. Anyway it uses both green tomatoes and jalepenos! I’ve got your email address so I’ll send you the recipes if you’re interested.

      Thanks for reading Paula, come see us sometime! All our best xo

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