Locabulary Alert:

Sneak.a.vore (-vores, -voring, -vored) 1. A locavore who sleeps on the job while pretending to work.  2. Pretending to be productive while completely wasting time.

Thanks to Mom’s informative post exposing Slackavore behavior in natural environments (here), I have developed a certain following of like-minded individuals who want to learn my secrets. Pay close attention because this one is a dandy.

Observe the photograph below. At first glance, everything looks fine. I am obviously being a helpful and productive member of the “team,” doing my part from below while Dad is up above, probably about to plummet to his death from on top of the chicken house. But on closer inspection we realize that I am actually… sleeping! Yes friends, this is how I get all that much-needed beauty sleep. You can tell that I’m sleeping by the way my head is limply sagging to the side, but only if you know what to look for.



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  1. 1

    Emma said,

    HAhaha!That isn`t that easy to do & very sneaky indeed! Did you learn that from the chickens? Guess I wont ask what your Dad is doing on the roof of the chicken house….

    • 2

      Anna said,

      I’m just trying to figure out a way you can use this in Mexico. Perhaps to sleep through all those pesky español conversations?

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