August Update

I can’t believe how fast this summer has disappeared. We’ve been busier than I ever could have imagined. I have personally had my ups and downs, at times getting frustrated with the lack of spare time to camp, hike, swim and generally enjoy summer, my favorite time of year. It is stupid that the enjoyable time of year here in Washington is taken up with dawn to dusk work, while we will be idle during the winter when it’s much harder to get out and have fun. On the other hand, we have been lucky to have a great garden this year and the opportunity to spend time outside working in it. Overall, it’s been a pretty good summer! How about yours?

Mom, Dad and Angela have taken a few days to do a backpacking trip so I’m holding down the fort right now. The garden is very productive, in fact we are coming up on a fairly severe zucchini and eggplant emergency. I could barely wrestle one of the monsters out of the thorny, godforsaken zucchini patch this morning, and in a few days I should have enough eggplants to make a counterweight for my own suspension bridge across the Palouse river. I already have enough chard to fashion a spacious if somewhat primitive hut.

In other news, one of our chickens had to be put out of its misery yesterday morning. It had suffered some kind of illness or injury several days ago and no one was able to tell us what was wrong with it. We gave it a few days to see if it would improve but it did not. Let’s just say I woke up to a suspicious view out my window of Dad with an axe, a moist-looking board and a mysterious bucket. R.I.P Chickie. The rest of the chickens are healthy and in surprisingly good spirits.

I also finally got the Walloony (sparkling Australian ale) bottled several days ago. Can’t wait to try it!


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    Paul Smith said,

    Hey neighbors!

    I have really been enjoying your fabulous blog/adventure, and today I posted something on my own blog (URL above) that is sort-of relevant…Not food exactly, but another fun use for a locally-grown vegetable–make a clarinet from a squash stalk! You can serenade the chickens…


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