The chicken coop and pen are done!

We worked long hours trying to complete this project before the chicks outgrew their confinement. Here are some pictures of our labors.

D-Dawg rebuilt the windows, put in new glass, and added an inside layer of hardware cloth. Here he is shown creating an upper level ventilation system.

Jim’s sister, Ann, visited and was immediately put to work assembling the roost!

Our grandson, Dusty, came and helped out for a few days. Here we are digging a trench in which to bury chicken wire. This will discourage any burrowing predators wanting to enter the pen.

Finally!! It’s ready to go!!

Just open the door and…and…well, it’s a big world out there!

Yahoo! Here they come! It took them about 20 minutes before they made it down the ramp. Very exciting!

They love their lush new world.

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