The day started with an early morning phone call from our salmon connection and pretty soon we were swimming in fish! We got 100 lbs of uncleaned salmon (8 fish) which turned out to be 79 lbs of cleaned fish. Processing the fish took a day and a half. We were up until 11:30 pm the day we picked up the fish. It was slimy, smelly, and exhausting, but it was well worth it. These Chinook salmon (also called King salmon) are AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS no matter how they are cooked (and what a deal!). They swim from the ocean, up the Columbia River, into the Snake River, and up the Clearwater where they spawn. This is an amazing feat of nature. Needless to say, I am a big fan of these incredible fish!!!

Mom sharpens the knives as Dad begins cleaning the fish.

Dad cuts the salmon into steaks, which requires a good knife and muscles.

Mom uses our new vacuum sealer.

Now it goes into the freezer for future enjoyment. Filleting is not easy by the way. If you don't want to go through the pain of learning, I recommend cutting it into steaks.

We pressure canned some salmon, which was nerve-racking since it was the first time we had used that pressure canner and we don't have that much experience. We messed up on the first batch, so we had to open the jars and freeze the contents. Nothing is worth risking botulism. The second batch is perfectly safe!

We made salmon stock from the bones and fins and froze it. We buried the guts and heads in the yard.

Thank you to the salmon that gave their lives so we could eat them. Thank you to Fred for letting us know that we could get Salmon in our locavore radius. And thank you to Teresa for hooking us up with our fisherman.

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