Home Sweet Home

I’ve been home less than 2 weeks and I have already hunted for morels (mushrooms), helped make several cheeses, learned about brewing beer, made several batches of cereal, helped make crackers, made several batches of yoghurt, planted in the garden, weeded, and much more! We (the Roberts clan) have chosen our individual areas of focus and so we will each coordinate certain activities. One of my duties is being the kitchen coordinator, so I will be keeping an eye on our edible inventory, coming up with new locavore recipes, and ordering people around (which I like!). Below, I have posted a few pictures from the Roberts’ locavore kitchen. It is good to be home! 

Fresh greens from the garden: spinach, lettuce, baby bok choy

Morel mushrooms and chives

The final product: Morel and Spinach Quiche

A yummy local meal...mmmmm!

Grinding coriander seeds for Anna's latest home brew

Mom cutting the cheese... hehehe... no, I mean literally 🙂

Beautiful farmhouse cheddar: WOW- unbelievably delicious!!!

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