Morel Hunting

We picked some wild morel mushrooms in the woods in Idaho this week. These things are so delicious and they are easy to identify. As Dad says, nothing else looks like them aside from the deadly poisonous “false morels.” (Just a little joke kids, don’t worry.)

For those of you who want the look and feel of eating brains... without eating brains.

Right after taking this picture, a smurf came out and told me to get out of his yard.

I made some angel hair pasta with the morels, olive oil, garlic, shredded chicken and a bit of cheese. Angela also made a really good dish so I’ll get her to post that with a picture. We can freeze these to have later in the year and I would imagine they can also be dehydrated and kept that way.

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    Paula said,

    You guys are amazing that’s alla I gotz to say!! Where did you find them schrooms? We went out by Southwick a couple weeks ago but there weren’t many left. Maybe the season up this way is still jamming? My mouth just waters looking and reading about your cheeses and pasta and morrells..yummy. Btw,,welcom home girls..keep those parents in line would ya..especially that Mutha of!!

  2. 2

    Anna said,

    Hey Paula! We’ve been trying to get our folks under control but they just won’t behave! We got these morels at Laird park. But then we went up by White Pine last week and only found three…. I don’t know if it was the timing or just not happening onto the right place. Wave and Amy said they went and got 2 trash bags full of them O.O

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