We ate the manchego cheese we made a few weeks ago and it was really tasty. We were planning on aging at least part of it longer because you can eat it in 4 stages: Manchego fresco, aged 5 days or less; manchego curado, aged 3 to 12 weeks; manchego viejo, aged 3 to 12 months; and manchego aceite, aged in olive oil for a year or more. Unfortunately, the outside of our manchego began to grow mold because it got too warm where we were storing it. Anyway, we cut off the outside and ate the rest and it was really good! We really need to address the storage issue so that we have reliable cold storage- soon.

Manchego was featured in our local food co-op’s newsletter this month and apparently it is often eaten on toasted baguettes rubbed with garlic and topped with fresh tomato slices and drizzled with olive oil. It is traditionally a Spanish sheep’s milk cheese but today it is often made around the world with cow’s milk, which is what we used.

Homemade manchego, our end-of-garden pickles from last year, homemade bread and fresh radishes from our garden.

Mom likes being a locavore.

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