Angela’s Here!

Angela and I drove up from Arizona and arrived Friday night. We had a great trip and it’s nice to be back! You can see some photos of our road trip over here if you are interested. Look forward to some blog posts from Angela… coming soon!

Mom and Dad, we're home! Maybe if you are really lucky dear readers, your 20-something children will move back in with you too.

As you can see, Angela came with the right shoes to get the job done.


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  1. 1

    Alexa said,

    Hey Angela and Anna,

    seems like you are having a good time taking a break from the work life in Flag.
    Cool. I was trying to figure out what you are doing, but still not sure.
    We need to talk soon. Much time has been passed.
    What about a visit :=) I would love too. Heheh.
    But a nice telephone talk would be much better. I have an international flat in my office and could call any time. How can I reach you?
    Lets talk.

    Much love,

  2. 2

    Angela said,

    Hi Alexa!
    Thanks for checking out our blog. Click the “about” section at the top right of the page for a little more info on our locavore project. We still need to have a nice long chat to catch up on everything though! You can call me anytime (I still have the same cell phone number). I added you on Skype too, but I’m not sure how great my internet connection is because I haven’t tried to use Skype yet. I miss you and can’t wait to talk!

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