Wanna fall in love?

Nineteen day-old chicks arrived early in the morning on May 12th via the USPS ! Ten are Delawares (yellow) and nine are Welsummers (brown).  One had died in transit.  Both  are designated  “heritage”, meaning old breeds whose numbers are getting  so low they could disappear altogether unless they get some help. Chickens used to be in every back yard. When families quit keeping them, egg and meat production became mainly commercial. The result is several kinds of hi tech hybrids by the millions, and the dying out of the diversity that once existed. I ordered mine from the hatchery called My Pet Chicken.

Taking my role as Mother Hen seriously.

Gotta watch the temp! It’s supposed to stay at 95 degrees! Watch out for pasting up!! Are they eating? drinking? breathing?? Am I getting tired?

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