Spring Weather?!

Here in the lovely Northwest we typically do get our fair share of crazy raining/hailing/sunny/freezing/windy/snowy/hot/sleeting weather but this is getting ridiculous! It is SNOWING on May 6th. Our garden is safe and sound under plastic covers but I do feel sorry for the little bees… aw poor little things.

We had a big windstorm gusting about 60mph a couple of days ago that blew the covers right off of the bee hives, NOOOOOOO!!! Wah-aaaaa!! Mom and I were up in Spokane partying with Aunt Carleen and Aunt Celesta so Dad was home alone forced to go out in to the raging gale-force winds to keep the plastic from flying off of the garden beds. The plastic was held down everywhere with bricks and 2x4s but it just wasn’t enough for this storm. The wind did manage to get a big squash plant but I think everything else in the garden is in good shape.

Here is our backyard and garden covered with snow on May 6th!

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