Our newest health beverage…

Ok our new beer is finished!! In the fine tradition of Shuttlesworth, Throckmortons and Bandypop! (my previous beers and hard apple cider), I give you…. Vagabond gingered black ale.

Stirring the wort

Stir that wort.


Mmm, looks so tasty. This is the hops boiling.

Filling the carboy

What is that weird girl doing? Weird.

I will post some photos of it bottled when I find them. It is ready to drink now but Ma is sick and doesn’t want us to drink it without her, and we’re going out of town for two weeks tomorrow… so we haven’t tried it yet. But don’t worry, when we do you’ll hear all about it.

UPDATE: Found the bottling pics.

Beer bottles

Waverly made 4 of these fantastic crates for me for Christmas! One 5-gallon batch of beer fills about 50 twelve-ounce bottles. These are 22-ounce bottles.


Um, I don't think you're supposed to be drinking it yet.

Mom capping

There we go... much better. Just put those caps on nice and normal-like...

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