Beekeeping 101

Some family friends, Pat and Pat (not a typo), kindly invited us to come see their bees at their house in Spokane. We are going to get some bees so it was a great opportunity to check it out and learn a little bit about it. It turned out that we learned a lot and had a ton of fun too!

Me at Patrick's

Ah, the fresh-faced enthusiasm of youth! I love bees! You can tell because I'm smiling!

Bee suit

That's when I found out I was actually going on a spacewalk.

Dad bee suit

Dad promptly had a claustrophobia attack when they zipped him in his suit, so they had to swiftly unzip it again. He survived, thankfully.

Looking at the hives

Hey, look at this! Patrick was full of interesting and useful information and really went out of his way to show us the inner workings of the hives.


Dad's posterior with bees crawling on it, lol. Bees can't see white; that's why we wear the white suits.


Patrick smoked the bees so they wouldn't kill us. Just kidding, they won't even sting you unless you insult their mother.

Bee frame

There are several of these frames in each box.

Looking at the comb

Guess this guy didn't know who he was dealing with because he let me touch stuff. I saw the queen, worker bees, a few males, eggs the queen had laid, a few little larvae, and even a baby bee scraping its way out of its little incubation cell.

They sent us home with a jar of honey and I’m telling you it smells and tastes amazing!

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