On Saturday our friends Tina, Jon and Heather came around to make some cheese. We made four kinds and MIRACLE OF MIRACLES they all turned out really great. They taste soooo good and we had a great time doing it. Here’s a couple little pics of our adventures in bacteria:

Cheese day

Jon, Heather, Tina, Jan, and myself... so proud of our little bowl of curdled, bacteria-ridden milk. (Just kidding, it's GOOD!)

Our cheese

Ricotta, queso blanco, fromage blanc and neufchatel.

These are all soft cheeses. They are made in a single day from fresh milk and are not moldy or aged. Soft cheeses are easy to make- anyone can do it! Yes, YOU can do it! We are going to do some hard, aged cheeses next which requires more equipment and, of course, more time. Eventually we will also do some of the molded cheeses like Camembert and brie, which requires aging the cheese under specific temperature and humidity conditions because of the mold.


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    Cousin Donna said,

    I’m so proud of y’all!!! Can’t wait for some hands on demos at the next cousins reunion!! I’ve always wanted to make cheese…. and beer!!

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