I’m back!

Well, goodbye city lights. I had a good time in Portland but it’s good to be back at the homestead. The weather has turned bitterly cold while I was gone; It was 14 degrees last night and only 20 this morning when we headed out to Dustin’s soccer game! Brrrr!

Over the past few days we have made fig preserves, plum preserves, mozzerella cheese (sort of), tomato sauce, dehydrated oregano and started on some plum jelly.

We picked some figs from a tree where I was staying in Portland and they made a beautiful preserve:

Fig Preserves

Fig Preserves

Here are the little figs getting ready to boil.

Raw Figs

And here they are just about ready for canning.

Cooking Figs

The tomato sauce turned out pretty well too.

Tomatoes from our garden
Tomatoes from our garden

Canned Tomato Sauce

Canned Tomato Sauce

Split Tomato

And finally, here is what kitty did while we worked.

Kitty Sleeps

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  1. 1

    Carleen said,

    Lucie is dreaming her next attack of a trusting human.

  2. 2

    Auntie Annie/Fun said,

    What a site! Are the figs from the big tree at OYC on the Willamette River…WOW! Auntie struggles to keep her indoor plants alive…she obviously did not get the genes for “green thumb” (or fingers as they say in UK). Will you make figgie pudding?

  3. 3

    amywarwick said,

    LOVED the beer that Anna made. Very nice. Cannot wait to try some more!

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