They’re Back

The parents are back from Europe! Luckily, things are in great shape. I would have hated to disappoint. Today we harvested broccoli, chard, lettuce, mesclun and endive! We thinned out the carrots and planted another row each of carrots, spinach and basil. The cabbages are forming heads now but had some cabbage moths so we sprayed them with insect soap.

The deer have nibbled on the chard and bitten the leaves off the strawberry plants so we are going to start throwing sheets over things at night to keep the deer and bunnies off. There is a very cute bunny that we see in the yard and our cat, Lucy Fur, killed a tiny baby rabbit and brought it to the door! She must have found their den.

The corn has tasseled and we were able to harvest some beautiful red potatoes about 3 inches in diameter, as well as some very lovely 6-inch zucchinis. The winter squashes are starting to form nicely.

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