It was a Minor Setback

BUMMER: The “compost” we got is a joke that is unable to support life and our seeds were not able to germinate without enough nutrients. Mom and Dad had to remove all the tomatoes and cabbages and destroy our seed plantings in order to mix verrmiculite, peat and manure into the “compost” to create a usable nutrient-rich soil. They replanted the tomatoes (third planting!!) and the cabbages. We will have to start over with our seeds.

The manure came from my uncle John Dailey’s horses in Farmington. We got the vermiculite and peat moss from local nurseries but we think that vermiculite often comes from Montana and a lot of peat is Canadian.

BUMMER: I was gone camping for the weekend and I took the sunscreen with me, leaving the parents with nothing but a lot of discouragement and hard labor out in the boiling lava hot sun.

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